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OpenCourseWare celebrates it’s 5th anniversary

Yesterday I was at a party; the 5th anniversary of OpenCourseWare (OCW) at our university. And that really is something to celebrate I think. By now there are more than 90 courses online for free. And that number is still growing. Have a look at ocw.tudelft.nl if you haven’t been there yet!
Watching the new video on OCW

OC Focus has been involved until recently in the OCW project. First the project was led by Joost Groot Kormelink, now at Faculty of TPM. In 2010 Sofia Dopper (OC Focus) and Willem van Valkenburg were joined project leaders. By now OCW has become a regular service of DUT with Cora Bijsterveld, Martijn Ouwehand en Willem van Valkenburg (head).

The party was started by a new video about OCW. Karel Luyben, Rector Magnificus, took over to open the party. Willem van Valkenburg has looked back at what happened the last 5 years. And a look into the future was presented by Anka Mulder, Secretary General of the DUT and president of the OCW Consortium. She took us to a world where many many more students would be at the gates of universities to get an education. There will be so many students that higher education as it is now will not be able to cope with these numbers. Campus education will not be enough. So online education will be the next step to take for DUT.

Presentation of Willem van Valkenburg:

And that’s why I was there. The first steps towards online education have resulted into 3 pilot projects at TPM, AE and CiTG. I’m advising the master EPA at TPM about transforming part of the program into online distance learning modules. For me it’s a challenge since the ambitions are high. It’s also very interesting to develop more expertise about the subject. And it’s motivating because of faculty that sees this development as a chance to do something positive in a challenging situation. I hope to be at a similar party in 5 years about online education!

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